"Had a very reliable 2003 Jeep, needed for my business, get wacked. Eventually decided that repairing it was less expensive than getting a much newer used 4WD vehicle. Spoke to the ABC Team, got a fixed price and away we went. Things were going swimmingly until we discovered hidden engine damage. OEM repair of the problem = $3K. ABC did the homework for me = replace the engine for $3K. This is the first of three areas that I feel ABC shines in. This wasn't an insurance deal, dollars were coming out of my pocket. They spent my money as if they were spending their own money. I was grateful for that. Second area they shine in...they've been at this long enough that they use quality 2nd tier (versus the Ford, Chevy, Jeep 1st tier garages) parts brokers and repair garages. Same ones I use or would use! They were able to get parts, whether an engine or "kit" of body parts (no researching 27 parts from 3 different suppliers), quoted at an exact figure, quickly and with specific availability. This meant that even pulling an engine out of a hat, didn't cost us weeks of time. I think we lost a work week from quote to engine installed. I was impressed. This brings me to the third area of note about ABC. I'm a busy person, just like you. I know that body shops have to act like a general contractor sometimes, getting your vehicle to an appointment at another repair facility, etc. I've NEVER had one take care of EVERYTHING. They bent over backwards to pull me out of the replace the engine surprise plus the normal get it to the Jeep dealer for an appointment stuff. I didn't have to worry about a thing! Huge benefit and I don't see where I paid extra for that benefit.

Me and my Jeep are happy campers again. She looks great and runs super! Third time I've had the privilege of dealing with the ABC Team in the last two years. Not wishing for another, mind you, but you can bet who I'm going to see if I do. Auto Body Crafters."

-Joe R.


"I've had two vehicles in Auto Body Crafters, one in 2013 for hail damage and one in 2014 for a tailgate replacement due to my vehicle being backed into. Both vehicles came out looking like they came off of the showroom floor. The folks here are very professional and experienced. If I have another vehicle that would need any type of body work I would not hesitate to take it to this business. I recommend this business to anyone needing body work at a fair price and quality workmanship."

-Frank A.