Auto Body Crafters repair facility. Auto Body Crafters repair facility.


Auto Body Crafters is located at 1410 Jess Street in Rapid City, SD. We have been an industry leader in auto body repair for 15 years in this location.

Paint Booth

Full down draft bake paint booth.Full down draft bake paint booth.


Our state of the art paint booth is configured for spraying our environmentally friendly Water Based Paint.  We have also upgraded baking and drying capabilities to increase efficiency and productivity.

Frame Rack

Laser measuring system and frame rack.

Here at Auto Body Crafters, we have a 3D laser measuring system that will measure frame damage down to the millimeter and allow us to return your vehicle to factory specifications. Our hydraulic frame rack is used for conventional frame or uni-body repair, from small passenger cars to large trucks.

Paint Prep Station

Separate prep area to prevent contamination.

Our repair facility has a paint prep area that can be separated from the rest of the shop to avoid particulate contamination in the rest of our facility.  We have also added a Tsunami Fresh Air System throughout our facility to provide safe breathing conditions for our technicians.